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Two new daily classes  started this week at Chabad of South Broward Headquarters. The classes are given by Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus. These classes are in addition to Rabbi Tennenhaus' daily class on Maimonides ( one chapter a day) at 7:30 AM, and daily Mishna class at 9:00 AM.

The first class is the the study of an entire Tractate of the Talmud, Tractate Chagigah. This class is held Sundays through Thursdays, forty minutes before the Mincha service. This week, this class starts at 7:30 PM, next week,  at 7:25 PM. Chagigah deals with three types of offerings individuals were responsible to bring to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the three major Festivals of  Pesach , Shavuot and Sukkot. The end of the Tractate deals with various laws of Tumah and Tahara, ritual impurities and purification from specific impurities. The class is open to men of all levels of learning, both first time students of the Talmud, and more experienced and knowledgeable Talmud students. The Tractate will be completed before Rosh Hashonah- the Jewish New Year.

The second class is held Mondays through Fridays, at 6:15 AM. It is a study session on the classic and profound Chassidic 
series of discourses, that is approaching the 100th anniversary of it being delivered. The series of discourses began Shavuot 5672, 1912.

"B`Shaah Shehikdimu-5672" is the title of a lengthy series of Chasidic discourses by Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn, fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe (1861-1920), known as the Rebbe Rashab. The Rebbe delivered the opening discourse in Lubavitch on the first day of Shavuot, 5672 (1912) and the final one on Shabbat Parshat Vayera, 5676 (1915) in Rostov. 
The manuscript of this series comprises 144 discourses, and is followed by an extensive section that was not delivered orally by the Rebbe, nor was it divided into chapters. First published in 1977 in three volumes, a revised edition was published in 1992. Known for systematically organizing deep and profound Chassidic concepts, the Rebbe Rashab was called by early  Chassidim as "The Rambam- Maimonides" of Chassidus . Just like Maimonides systematically organized Jewish law in a very orderly fashion, like never before, so too, the Rebbe Rashab took the most profound Chassidic concepts and organized them in a systematic manner that was unheard of until his time.                           

Rabbi Tennenhaus was at the Rebbe's Farbrengen when the Rebbe  announced to publish this "Chassidic Classic" in its entirety for the first time, and vividly remembers the excitement that was prevalent at the time, both by the Rebbe and all the Chassidim in attendance. 
The basic fundamentals of Chasidic philosophy are explained clearly in this series; its delivery marked the dawning of a new era in Chasidic dissemination.Unfortunately, like 99% of most Chassidic literature, none of these discourses have been translated, as of yet, into English.

This class is also open to men with limited knowledge as well as extensive knowledge in Chassidic Philosophy. During the summer, additional classes will also be starting especially for women. These two new classes are a result of resolutions made at Chassidic Farbrengens commemorating Gimmel Tammuz, the 17th Yahrzeit of the Rebbe. There are no charges for these and other daily and weekly classes. To participate, and for further information, email [email protected]. To participate in the public and private classes offered by Rabbi Mordy Feiner, email [email protected]..


 Every Week

Every Shabbos at 9:30am. Rabbi Mordy Feiner gives a Chassidus Shiur, Chassidic discourses.

Torah Shiur: With Rabbi Levi Tennenhaus. Every other Sunday at 10:00am. ( Call the Office for which weeks)

MAIMONIDES BOOK OF MITZVOS & Question of the Day: Sunday-Shabbat, after Mincha. (Call the office for time.) The question of the day is based on the weeks Torah portion.

CODE OF JEWISH LAW- SHULCHAN ARUCH HARAV: Monday-Friday, from 7:30-8:00 a.m. Class given by Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus.

Torah Studies: Thursdays at 8:30pm. By Rabbi Mordy Feiner.


LIVING TORAH: Every Sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. Weekly Video selections of the Rebbe addressing the Torah aspects of the week.


ONE ON ONE LEARNING: Join the girls of the Chaya Aydel Seminary as they learn one on one with women and girls from the community about the Jewish topic of their choice. Every Wednesday evening, 7:00-8:00 pm.

Mammor Shiur: Shabbat Mornings at 9:30am, with Rabbi Mordy Feiner.

TANYA CLASS: Every Shabbat evening, between Mincha and Maariv. (Call the office for time.) Class is given by Rabbi Moshe Schwartz.