We're excited to introduce our newest program, Cteen Junior. Cteen Junior is a spin off of our popular Cteen program but geared for teens in 7th & 8th grade.


Cteen Junior is based on a three part framework. It delivers a comprehensive curriculum comprised of an Educational, Humanitarian, and Social component.


Places education at the forefront. Every program is designed to enhance the development of important life skills within the teen.Cteen Junior helps build leadership skills, project planning and management skills, with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility. Cteen Junior creates identity and builds strong character. 


Cteen Junior helps young teens build compassion toward others by giving back to the community though humanitarian projects. This will add a sense of achievement and purpose for your child, creating a positive feeling while strengthening their core values. Volunteering will help develop important character and life skills, build academic skills, and will enhance their character traits.


On a social level, Cteen Junior builds social skills though positive affiliations. This ensures personal growth in a society where dependency on others is the key to advancement. It’s referred to as a “dog eat dog world”, but working together is the true key to survival. Group affiliations are the key to building high self-esteem and shaping the integrity of your child.

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