COVID 19 At-Risk Community Support
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We have entered the 14th week of serving as a Tier 1 Level of Critical Care to the Community!

Rabbi Moshe Schwartz, our administrator since 1988, is working hand in hand with numerous Jewish and Government Agencies, in being the lifeline to thousands in South Florida, and especially in Southeast Broward.

Our area has one of the largest populations of Jewish seniors and Holocaust survivors in the world

Rabbi Schwartz and other staff and volunteers from Chabad of South Broward Headquarters, have responded to Holocaust Survivors who have fallen out of their beds etc at 4am, who needed medicine that they could not afford, and who were entitled to various benefits. They called us because they were scared to go to the hospital because of Covid-19 and because they were unaware of benefits they were entitled to, but didn’t have the skills on the computer to apply etc. We helped many Holocaust Survivors and others in numerous ways and we plan to continue to do so.

For Pesach we distributed $42,500 in food and money to the needy, for Shavuos we distributed some $8,500! So far, we have helped people for rent, food, medicine, and other essentials for a total exceeding $60,000, and anticipate spending $90,000 more in Covid-19 Relief, to the seniors, unemployed and Holocaust Survivors until Rosh Hashanah. We couldn’t do this without generous people like you!

If you can generously help us in our Tier 1 level of critical care to the community, many thanks in advance!

Donations are essential at this time

We have been receiving calls & emails requesting help. As a non profit we are affected tremendously & donations are needed so we can supply the bare necessities to those in need.

please donate generously here!