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December 16th

Monday, 17 December, 2012 - 1:03 pm

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 Morah Sharon: "Hello, parents! I hope your families had a beautiful Chanukah! After taking a brief break with Chanukah festivities and learning, this week the class wrapped up our discussion on the 12 tribes. We reviewed the family tree all the way from Avraham to Yakov and his sons---to us. We spoke about how the land of Israel was split according to the tribes and how each one had a flag (which we spoke about in a previous class). One way of explaining these flags, is by narrowing down on the G-d given gifts/ talents that we are given--- and putting all we got into them. This is our (modern day) flag!
Remember, there is no school for the next 3 weeks---winter break... which means that half of the year has already flown by. It is very important that the kids attend each class! Each Sunday counts and we will be covering a lot of material when we get back! Wishing you and your families a happy, fun, and safe break!"

Morah Goldie:  Today's Hebrew Club was truly a day like no other! In honor of the last day of Chanukah we reviewed the miraculous story and then discussed how we can take lessons from the many miracles that occurred. After doing an oil experiment we came to the conclusion that as Jews we are different and need to always rise above like the Macabees. We spoke about we can be like a Menorah and publicize our Jewish Pride out to the world. The key to victory is by increasing good deeds and bringing light, Mitzvot, to the world!  We ended off our class with an awesome game of dreidle with delicious chocolate coins! We were delighted to meet Benny, Samantha, and Victoria and we hope to see them again soon! Have a wonderful vacation, I missing your kids already and I can't wait to see them again in three weeks!

 Morah Fraidy: This week we learned about doing favors for one another- happily and with  a skip ;) we talked about different scenarios where we might not want to help, and how doing it with a smile makes it so much easier! We also played games using these points and had such fun! See you next week ;)

Morah Chana Etta: We learned all abt the story of Yosef and how his brothers did not like him and threw him in a pit full of scary snakes and scorpions and they sold him to the arabs and how he ended up in jail and interpret pharoh dream and became 2nd to the king! we drew wat we learned! And made self portraits for the letter "yud"! 

Morah Leeba Rochel: today we learned all about avrahams life. We each got one part and had to teach it to everyone! it was alot of fun

Morah Chanie: Today we talked about the blessing of asher yatzar and thanking hashem for giving us a healthy body! We decorated asher yatzar signs and hope to use them every time we come out of the bathroom! Have a great break!

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