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Hebrew Club 11/11/2012

Wednesday, 14 November, 2012 - 1:48 pm

 Morah Goldie: This week we learnt about two great Jewish Heroes, Yaacov and Rachael. We had an awesome time acting out the story of how Yaacov bought the Birthright from Eisav for a pot of lentils. The fun continued as we role played how Yitzchak thought Yaacov was Eisav and gave him the first born blessing. Yaacov runs away to Charan, where he is put to work  for seven years so that he can marry Rachael. We then spoke about how Rachael chose not to stand in the limelight and she gave her sister Leah the signs when she found out that her father was tricking Yaacov. We read a story that discussed the importance of not being egotistical and not taking all the fame for ourselves. We all blew balloons that resembled our ego, but we saw that too much of our own "air" or "ego" caused the balloon to pop. Can't wait to see which hero and what lessons we can learn about next week!

 Morah Leeba Rochel: We learned the story of the tower of Bavel and listened out for the words on our bingo boards so we can cross them out! then we compared the tower of Bavel to the Flood! 

Morah Chana Etta:  Hey! This week we learned about the 3 miracles that happened to sarahs tent one of them being the bread (challah) stayed fresh all week the kids got to see a real example of wat bread is like a week later! And we made our very own challah! And also how issac servant went to look for a wife for Isaac and brought with him alot of jewelry to give her so we made very colorful cereal necklaces! Can't wait to see you next week.

Morah Fraidy:  This week we learned about the importance of saying please and thank you, and showing appreciation to those around us. We made appreciation cards for our parents and played different games illustrating these points.  Hope to see u all next week!

Morah Chanie:  This week we learnt about the importance of honoring our parents and listening to what they say! We heard about a man named dama who got a very great reward for honoring his father! We also made door hangers for our parents room so that noone wakes them up when they are sleeping!

Morah Sharon:  "Hello parents! This week we moved on learning about the Sh'vatim--- the 12 tribes of Israel. This is very important to our Jewish heritage! We worked in groups to dissect each righteous "tzadik" and learn about the flags that represented them, and why those flags represent them. We also worked on our drawing and artistic skills as we drew all the flags of the Sh'vatim." 



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