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Sunday, 28 October, 2012 - 8:23 pm


Morah Chanie:

This week we learnt about the jewish uniform. just like soldiers in an army wear a uniform, we as soldiers in hashems army wear a uniform and our body is so precious that it needs a protection at all times! we played cut the chocolate and had to wear the jewish uniform! cant wait to see you next week!

Morah Sharon:
"This week we spent some more time talking about how Hashem created the world (as opposed to the other theories out there) and is present in every moment of our lives. Sometimes, it may be a little hard to find Him, but He's there. Just like when we can't see the sun outside on a cloudy day... Can we see the sun? No. But, is the sun still there? Yes!
Having an awareness and relationship with Hashem is the drive that makes US want to do mitzvahs---not because our parents, rabbis, or teachers tell us. This is very important, especially since most of the kids' bar and bat mitzvahs are right around the corner. I want the kids to really understand this, before we move forward. To help increase our awareness in Hashem, we are doing a weeklong project of writing a journal. Every night we will be writing just 1 thing we are thankful to Hashem for (although there are many)!"

Morah Fraidy:
This week we learned all about being happy with whatever g-d gives us, and how all he does is really for the good! We heard stories, learned how we can apply it each day and made smiley cookies reminding us to always be happy!! Hope to see you all next week!

Morah Chana:
This week we learned all about how god promised Abraham that he will have as much kids as the stars and sand! So we made pretty pictures with stars and sand and a picture to show we are  a STAR! And the letter vov which stands for vered a rose! Hope to see you all next week:)
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