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Sunday, 21 October, 2012 - 11:26 pm

 Teachers notes below:










Morah Sharon Razla: "We continued this week with learning how holy and special the land of Israel is.  Having been to Israel myself, we discussed how truly a miracle it is for Jews living in Israel everyday (with all the odds stacked up against them). We explained how different our land of  Israel is from other countries...and how holy we are as well. A holy land for a holy nation! How do we know there is difference? Have the kids explain to you the the eggs and the cheese lesson. We must never forget how special each and everyone of us are!"
Thank you.

 Morah Fraidy Lurie: Today we learned all about the mitzvah of Bal Tashchit- not wasting. We talked about how we are all part of g-ds creation and have the job of keeping everything in order by recycling and reusing etc. We each made out very own plants to teach us how by caring and nourishing it, the plant will thrive and grow! Hope to see you all next week!!


Goldie Schachter: This week we dived into the second story of our Jewish Heroes Curriculum. We learnt all about the story of Noach and the flood and then enjoyed creating our very own edible Arks! After discussing how Noach treated his animals on the Ark by feeding them first, we then saw a video which informed us all about Kosher animals! We all had a great time rating different menus and deciding whether they were serving kosher food! Looking forward for next week to see which Jewish Hero we will be learning about next!   
 Leeba Rochel Spalter: Today we learned about how the world was created by Hashem! We also learned how Hashems creations are differnet then a humans. We learned about each day in specific and then we had a creation scavenger- we wrote down something created with every letter and on what day it was made!

 Morah Chanie Rosenfeld: This week we learnt all about a jewish persons nightly and morning routine! We also learnt about the jewish items that we put in our room! We made our own shema cards that we can use every single night! Can't wait for next week !!

Morah Chana EttaIn hebrew club this week we learned all about Noah's ark and how he brought all the animals inside for 40 days and 40 nights!! And we made our very own ark with 3 floors 1 for garbage 2 for animals 3 for the ppl! :)


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