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Week 3 -

Monday, 24 September, 2012 - 1:24 pm

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Morah Chana: In this week Hebrew club we made very colorful sukkahs ! And learned about Jonah and the wale  and how we cant eat on yom kippur! 

  Morah Chanie: This week we learnt all about yom kippur! We made a wheel of all the things we cannot do on yom kippur! We also learnt a little about sukkos! We made bruchim haboim signs to welcome all our guests to the sukkah.

Morah Fraidy: Today we learned all about the holy day of yom kipper and the story of Jonah and the whale! We made fun sukkah decorations and shared our excitement about the upcoming holiday and eating under the stars! Hope to see you all at the sukkah party ;)

Morah Sharon :"Today we started the class watching a quick video on Yom Kippur, which helped set the mood on such a special but yet serious day. We also did an activity where we wrote one thing we wanted to change this year about ourselves---almost like a New Year's resolution, but better and more meaningful! We sealed them and will G-d willing open them at the end of the year. We went on to discuss the various laws, symbolism, and customs associated with both Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Finally, we ended the class participating in the "prayer for the world" event with Jews all over the world. It was truly an unforgettable experience---especially spending it with the class. We truly made a difference!  A special welcome to Ahal, Niv, and Matan, and a Happy Birthday to Yair!

Morah Leebah: Today we learned about kaparot , teshuva ,yona and the whale and the things we cant do on yom kippur. We had fun unscrambling to find the answers to our review questions. Then we played pictionary with clay with pictures connected to yom kippur and sukkot! 

Morah Goldie: This week we learnt about how on Yom Kippur HaSHem judges us and weighs all of our actions from the previous year. We then partnered up and discussed the three step process of  Teshuva- admitting, regretting, and making a plan if action to correct our ways. We discussed how each of us are connected to Hashem by a rope, when we repent we are tying a knot and making our connections' even stronger. We ended off our class creating and enjoying delicious edible sukkah for the upcoming holiday of sukkot.  


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