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Week 2

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012 - 10:20 am

 Notes from the Teachers below the pictures:




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Morah Fraidy: This week we discussed how we each were celebrating Rosh Hashanah, how to braid delicious honey challot and played a guessing game with yummy apples!! Hope you had a wonderful yom tov, see you next week!

Morah Sharon:  "This week we refreshed our memories of the upcoming high holiday of Rosh Hashana. We went over the customs and laws, but we also discussed the importance of this holy day. We also learned some new hebrew words and rolled up yummy challah. Next week... we will be participating in the Worldwide Jewish prayer for peace and geulah at 11:00 AM sharp (our time). Please spread the word and check out alljewsasone.com for more information!

Morah Liba Rochel:  We learned all about tashlich and the special foods we eat and the reasons why we do all these things. Then we made round challa and played a matching review game!

Morah Chani:We experienced our very tashlich and we learnt about the shofar and we made our own shofars. We also had a memory game of all the foods we eat on rosh hashanah! 

Morah Mushky:  To prepare for the Jewish New Year, we shaped and spiced up some of our own delicious round Challahs. Everyone got a chance to talk about their Rosh Hashana plans. We focused on the main themes of the Holiday and discussed the purpose of creation: Us! Our job in the world is to create a home for Hashem down here on Earth and we accomplish this by studying Torah and doing Mitzvot.

Morah Chana:  We learned all about on rosh hashana we eat a round challah to remind u the world goes around an made our very own! We also learned a rosh hashana song an learned about the special food we eat like the pomgrant and apple in honey and many more!


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