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First Week of Hallandale Hebrew Club

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012 - 3:09 pm

Hallandale Hebrew Club Week #1 

Notes from  our Teachers below the pictures : 






From Morah Liba: We made rosh hashana cards for our families. Then we learned about why the month of elul is special, and we wrote our requests and good resolutions for this year.
Cant wait for next week, to continue learning about rosh hashana!

From Morah Fraidy: Today was a really exciting day in our class, as we made new friends, ate yummy apple cookies and learned all  about the upcoming holiday of Rosh hashanah! Can't wait to see everyone again next week ;)

From Morah Goldie: Welcome to Hebrew Club 2012! My name is Goldie Schachter and I am so excited about being the 4th Grade teacher this year!
 Today we played a "Get to Know you Game" with Jellybeans,  reviewed the basics about Rosh Hashanah, and created Rosh Hashanah cards using bubble wrap! Looking forward to an AWESOME year filled with learning and fun! 
From Morah Sharon: We began the year with a BAM! Today, we made Rosh Hashana cards for a special someone for the new year---wishing them happiness, health, success, and life's sweetest wishes! 
From Morah Chana: We made beautiful Rosh Hashana Cards, and really cool Shofars. We started davening from our first Siddur/Prayer Book. We are looking forward to learning all about Rosh Hashana next week.
From Morah Chani:  This past Sunday we learned about Apples Dipped in Honey, and we made an apple arts & crafts. We learned all about the special foods we eat on Rosh Hashana, and we also learned about all the sounds of the Shofar! 
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