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Weekly Updates

Learning never ends! We encourage parents to read the weekly review of your child's Hebrew School day and review the material covered. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

December 16th

 Teachers Blurbs under the pics









 Morah Sharon: "Hello, parents! I hope your families had a beautiful Chanukah! After taking a brief break with Chanukah festivities and learning, this week the class wrapped up our discussion on the 12 tribes. We reviewed the family tree all the way from Avraham to Yakov and his sons---to us. We spoke about how the land of Israel was split according to the tribes and how each one had a flag (which we spoke about in a previous class). One way of explaining these flags, is by narrowing down on the G-d given gifts/ talents that we are given--- and putting all we got into them. This is our (modern day) flag!
Remember, there is no school for the next 3 weeks---winter break... which means that half of the year has already flown by. It is very important that the kids attend each class! Each Sunday counts and we will be covering a lot of material when we get back! Wishing you and your families a happy, fun, and safe break!"

Morah Goldie:  Today's Hebrew Club was truly a day like no other! In honor of the last day of Chanukah we reviewed the miraculous story and then discussed how we can take lessons from the many miracles that occurred. After doing an oil experiment we came to the conclusion that as Jews we are different and need to always rise above like the Macabees. We spoke about we can be like a Menorah and publicize our Jewish Pride out to the world. The key to victory is by increasing good deeds and bringing light, Mitzvot, to the world!  We ended off our class with an awesome game of dreidle with delicious chocolate coins! We were delighted to meet Benny, Samantha, and Victoria and we hope to see them again soon! Have a wonderful vacation, I missing your kids already and I can't wait to see them again in three weeks!

 Morah Fraidy: This week we learned about doing favors for one another- happily and with  a skip ;) we talked about different scenarios where we might not want to help, and how doing it with a smile makes it so much easier! We also played games using these points and had such fun! See you next week ;)

Morah Chana Etta: We learned all abt the story of Yosef and how his brothers did not like him and threw him in a pit full of scary snakes and scorpions and they sold him to the arabs and how he ended up in jail and interpret pharoh dream and became 2nd to the king! we drew wat we learned! And made self portraits for the letter "yud"! 

Morah Leeba Rochel: today we learned all about avrahams life. We each got one part and had to teach it to everyone! it was alot of fun

Morah Chanie: Today we talked about the blessing of asher yatzar and thanking hashem for giving us a healthy body! We decorated asher yatzar signs and hope to use them every time we come out of the bathroom! Have a great break!

December 9th/ Chanukah Party

















December 2nd














November 18th




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Hebrew Club 11/11/2012

 Morah Goldie: This week we learnt about two great Jewish Heroes, Yaacov and Rachael. We had an awesome time acting out the story of how Yaacov bought the Birthright from Eisav for a pot of lentils. The fun continued as we role played how Yitzchak thought Yaacov was Eisav and gave him the first born blessing. Yaacov runs away to Charan, where he is put to work  for seven years so that he can marry Rachael. We then spoke about how Rachael chose not to stand in the limelight and she gave her sister Leah the signs when she found out that her father was tricking Yaacov. We read a story that discussed the importance of not being egotistical and not taking all the fame for ourselves. We all blew balloons that resembled our ego, but we saw that too much of our own "air" or "ego" caused the balloon to pop. Can't wait to see which hero and what lessons we can learn about next week!

 Morah Leeba Rochel: We learned the story of the tower of Bavel and listened out for the words on our bingo boards so we can cross them out! then we compared the tower of Bavel to the Flood! 

Morah Chana Etta:  Hey! This week we learned about the 3 miracles that happened to sarahs tent one of them being the bread (challah) stayed fresh all week the kids got to see a real example of wat bread is like a week later! And we made our very own challah! And also how issac servant went to look for a wife for Isaac and brought with him alot of jewelry to give her so we made very colorful cereal necklaces! Can't wait to see you next week.

Morah Fraidy:  This week we learned about the importance of saying please and thank you, and showing appreciation to those around us. We made appreciation cards for our parents and played different games illustrating these points.  Hope to see u all next week!

Morah Chanie:  This week we learnt about the importance of honoring our parents and listening to what they say! We heard about a man named dama who got a very great reward for honoring his father! We also made door hangers for our parents room so that noone wakes them up when they are sleeping!

Morah Sharon:  "Hello parents! This week we moved on learning about the Sh'vatim--- the 12 tribes of Israel. This is very important to our Jewish heritage! We worked in groups to dissect each righteous "tzadik" and learn about the flags that represented them, and why those flags represent them. We also worked on our drawing and artistic skills as we drew all the flags of the Sh'vatim." 




 Teacher's Blurbs are below the pictures:

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for the amazing Shabbaton....Many parents that came requested another Shabbaton this year.....& we may decide to do one! 

















 Morah Goldie:

Today we delved into the amazing  lives of three heroes Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov!  We learnt about the how Avraham loved to do the Mitzvah of Hachnasat Orachim, inviting guests to his tent. We made our very own door mats so that we could follow in Avraham's ways in doing this special Mitzvah. Then we discussed how Yitzchak's name reminds us that Sarah laughed when she heard the news that she would have a baby at her old age. We fast-forwarded to the story about how Elizezer, Avraham's servant, went to search for a wife for Yitzchak. Rivka went out of her way and gave water to Eliezer and to his ten camels.  We discussed the acts of kindness that we could do for others. Finally we discussed the differences between Eisav and Yaakov, Yitzchak and Rivka's children. I can't wait to see which incredible Jewish Heroes we learn about next week!
Look out for good deeds that your children do and send a note so that they can receive a prize!

Morah Leeba Rochel:
Today we learned all about the story of noach and his ark and then we built our very own fppd arks with all three levels, food animals and people! We had so much fun! Cant wait for next week

Sharon Razla:

" 86,400. What does this number mean? That is how many seconds we have in day. But how many seconds a day do we spend thinking about Hashem or thanking Hashem for our families, homes, friends, life, etc...We learned that one who believes in Hashem, talks to Hashem... And one will only feel and "see" Hashem, if we ourselves let Him in first. Like last week, we again reviewed that having a relationship with Hashem is crucial to us as Jews. This is the link that hold us together... otherwise, why do we need or want to do mitzvahs like Bar or Bat mitzvahs? Certainly not because our parents or teachers want or tell us to!!!! We have to be active partners in having a relationship with Hashem---just like one would with a parent or friend. We are not robots. Doing a mitzvah is only half the work... the other crucial half is feeling it...and feeling that you are becoming closer to Hashem."

 Only the best wishes.
Morah Chana:
In Hebrew club this week we learned all abt Abrahams tent and how it was opened on all 4 sides so what ever way the travelers were coming they can stop to rest in this tent and rest! We made our very own tents with stickers and colorings! Can't wait to see you all next week :) 

Morah Fraidy:
Today we learned all about respect. Respecting our parents, teachers and friends. We made cool signs for our rooms and heard stories teaching us how we should always be respectful in every situation! Hope to see you next week! 

Morah Chanie:
This week we learnt about Tefillah! Tefillah is what connects us to hashem! We heard a story of a simple shepherd that was able to nullify a decree by his simple prayer! We played pictionary, drawing things that we need vs wants! See you next week!



Morah Chanie:

This week we learnt about the jewish uniform. just like soldiers in an army wear a uniform, we as soldiers in hashems army wear a uniform and our body is so precious that it needs a protection at all times! we played cut the chocolate and had to wear the jewish uniform! cant wait to see you next week!

Morah Sharon:
"This week we spent some more time talking about how Hashem created the world (as opposed to the other theories out there) and is present in every moment of our lives. Sometimes, it may be a little hard to find Him, but He's there. Just like when we can't see the sun outside on a cloudy day... Can we see the sun? No. But, is the sun still there? Yes!
Having an awareness and relationship with Hashem is the drive that makes US want to do mitzvahs---not because our parents, rabbis, or teachers tell us. This is very important, especially since most of the kids' bar and bat mitzvahs are right around the corner. I want the kids to really understand this, before we move forward. To help increase our awareness in Hashem, we are doing a weeklong project of writing a journal. Every night we will be writing just 1 thing we are thankful to Hashem for (although there are many)!"

Morah Fraidy:
This week we learned all about being happy with whatever g-d gives us, and how all he does is really for the good! We heard stories, learned how we can apply it each day and made smiley cookies reminding us to always be happy!! Hope to see you all next week!

Morah Chana:
This week we learned all about how god promised Abraham that he will have as much kids as the stars and sand! So we made pretty pictures with stars and sand and a picture to show we are  a STAR! And the letter vov which stands for vered a rose! Hope to see you all next week:)


 Teachers notes below:










Morah Sharon Razla: "We continued this week with learning how holy and special the land of Israel is.  Having been to Israel myself, we discussed how truly a miracle it is for Jews living in Israel everyday (with all the odds stacked up against them). We explained how different our land of  Israel is from other countries...and how holy we are as well. A holy land for a holy nation! How do we know there is difference? Have the kids explain to you the the eggs and the cheese lesson. We must never forget how special each and everyone of us are!"
Thank you.

 Morah Fraidy Lurie: Today we learned all about the mitzvah of Bal Tashchit- not wasting. We talked about how we are all part of g-ds creation and have the job of keeping everything in order by recycling and reusing etc. We each made out very own plants to teach us how by caring and nourishing it, the plant will thrive and grow! Hope to see you all next week!!


Goldie Schachter: This week we dived into the second story of our Jewish Heroes Curriculum. We learnt all about the story of Noach and the flood and then enjoyed creating our very own edible Arks! After discussing how Noach treated his animals on the Ark by feeding them first, we then saw a video which informed us all about Kosher animals! We all had a great time rating different menus and deciding whether they were serving kosher food! Looking forward for next week to see which Jewish Hero we will be learning about next!   
 Leeba Rochel Spalter: Today we learned about how the world was created by Hashem! We also learned how Hashems creations are differnet then a humans. We learned about each day in specific and then we had a creation scavenger- we wrote down something created with every letter and on what day it was made!

 Morah Chanie Rosenfeld: This week we learnt all about a jewish persons nightly and morning routine! We also learnt about the jewish items that we put in our room! We made our own shema cards that we can use every single night! Can't wait for next week !!

Morah Chana EttaIn hebrew club this week we learned all about Noah's ark and how he brought all the animals inside for 40 days and 40 nights!! And we made our very own ark with 3 floors 1 for garbage 2 for animals 3 for the ppl! :)


Hebrew Club 10/14/2012













Sukkot Party with the Drum Cafe












Week 3 -

 Teachers notes below














Morah Chana: In this week Hebrew club we made very colorful sukkahs ! And learned about Jonah and the wale  and how we cant eat on yom kippur! 

  Morah Chanie: This week we learnt all about yom kippur! We made a wheel of all the things we cannot do on yom kippur! We also learnt a little about sukkos! We made bruchim haboim signs to welcome all our guests to the sukkah.

Morah Fraidy: Today we learned all about the holy day of yom kipper and the story of Jonah and the whale! We made fun sukkah decorations and shared our excitement about the upcoming holiday and eating under the stars! Hope to see you all at the sukkah party ;)

Morah Sharon :"Today we started the class watching a quick video on Yom Kippur, which helped set the mood on such a special but yet serious day. We also did an activity where we wrote one thing we wanted to change this year about ourselves---almost like a New Year's resolution, but better and more meaningful! We sealed them and will G-d willing open them at the end of the year. We went on to discuss the various laws, symbolism, and customs associated with both Yom Kippur and Sukkot. Finally, we ended the class participating in the "prayer for the world" event with Jews all over the world. It was truly an unforgettable experience---especially spending it with the class. We truly made a difference!  A special welcome to Ahal, Niv, and Matan, and a Happy Birthday to Yair!

Morah Leebah: Today we learned about kaparot , teshuva ,yona and the whale and the things we cant do on yom kippur. We had fun unscrambling to find the answers to our review questions. Then we played pictionary with clay with pictures connected to yom kippur and sukkot! 

Morah Goldie: This week we learnt about how on Yom Kippur HaSHem judges us and weighs all of our actions from the previous year. We then partnered up and discussed the three step process of  Teshuva- admitting, regretting, and making a plan if action to correct our ways. We discussed how each of us are connected to Hashem by a rope, when we repent we are tying a knot and making our connections' even stronger. We ended off our class creating and enjoying delicious edible sukkah for the upcoming holiday of sukkot.  


Week 2

 Notes from the Teachers below the pictures:




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Morah Fraidy: This week we discussed how we each were celebrating Rosh Hashanah, how to braid delicious honey challot and played a guessing game with yummy apples!! Hope you had a wonderful yom tov, see you next week!

Morah Sharon:  "This week we refreshed our memories of the upcoming high holiday of Rosh Hashana. We went over the customs and laws, but we also discussed the importance of this holy day. We also learned some new hebrew words and rolled up yummy challah. Next week... we will be participating in the Worldwide Jewish prayer for peace and geulah at 11:00 AM sharp (our time). Please spread the word and check out alljewsasone.com for more information!

Morah Liba Rochel:  We learned all about tashlich and the special foods we eat and the reasons why we do all these things. Then we made round challa and played a matching review game!

Morah Chani:We experienced our very tashlich and we learnt about the shofar and we made our own shofars. We also had a memory game of all the foods we eat on rosh hashanah! 

Morah Mushky:  To prepare for the Jewish New Year, we shaped and spiced up some of our own delicious round Challahs. Everyone got a chance to talk about their Rosh Hashana plans. We focused on the main themes of the Holiday and discussed the purpose of creation: Us! Our job in the world is to create a home for Hashem down here on Earth and we accomplish this by studying Torah and doing Mitzvot.

Morah Chana:  We learned all about on rosh hashana we eat a round challah to remind u the world goes around an made our very own! We also learned a rosh hashana song an learned about the special food we eat like the pomgrant and apple in honey and many more!


First Week of Hallandale Hebrew Club

Hallandale Hebrew Club Week #1 

Notes from  our Teachers below the pictures : 






From Morah Liba: We made rosh hashana cards for our families. Then we learned about why the month of elul is special, and we wrote our requests and good resolutions for this year.
Cant wait for next week, to continue learning about rosh hashana!

From Morah Fraidy: Today was a really exciting day in our class, as we made new friends, ate yummy apple cookies and learned all  about the upcoming holiday of Rosh hashanah! Can't wait to see everyone again next week ;)

From Morah Goldie: Welcome to Hebrew Club 2012! My name is Goldie Schachter and I am so excited about being the 4th Grade teacher this year!
 Today we played a "Get to Know you Game" with Jellybeans,  reviewed the basics about Rosh Hashanah, and created Rosh Hashanah cards using bubble wrap! Looking forward to an AWESOME year filled with learning and fun! 
From Morah Sharon: We began the year with a BAM! Today, we made Rosh Hashana cards for a special someone for the new year---wishing them happiness, health, success, and life's sweetest wishes! 
From Morah Chana: We made beautiful Rosh Hashana Cards, and really cool Shofars. We started davening from our first Siddur/Prayer Book. We are looking forward to learning all about Rosh Hashana next week.
From Morah Chani:  This past Sunday we learned about Apples Dipped in Honey, and we made an apple arts & crafts. We learned all about the special foods we eat on Rosh Hashana, and we also learned about all the sounds of the Shofar! 
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