In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC, DOH and DCF and we have incorporated the following new guidelines and rules at Camp Gan Israel, (referred to as CGI from here on)


  These rules may be updated and or changed as per CDC. We will continue to update our standards as necessary should they be changed at any time.



 Only essential staff to CGI will be allowed onto our property. All our staff at CGI and any workers in the building will have been screened according to the CDC guidelines and deemed safe to work in the camp. All other people/ adults including parents will not be allowed to enter the property. (See; drop off and pick up below) When feasible, children will be practicing social distancing in appropriate manners. Some examples include: extra space between sleeping mats, extra space between mealtime seating spots, avoiding mixing class groups. The nature of child play, learning and growth is that of human connection and touch and we will not be altering our games or activities to allow for avoiding touch, but safe personal boundaries will be encouraged.



We have been continuously cleaning and disinfecting the school while the kids have been out. We have disinfected every single toy, shelf, table, chair cabinet and utensil. We have washed anything that can fit in the washer and dryer including pillows, carpets and dolls. We will continue to implement a higher standard of sanitizing and increasing times for handwashing for both the children and teachers. New hand sanitizing stations have been installed in each classroom and throughout the building. A nightly cleaning and disinfecting will also take place of every item that was used that day. Additional handwashing times for minimum of 20 seconds, has been updated and added to the routine. If your child remains for nap – the nap mat and all pillows and blankets will remain in school in large Ziplock bags when not in use and will be sent home Fridays for wash and return. The playground equiptment will be sanitized after each groups use. Toilets will be sanitized after each use.   Children cannot bring toys or food from home.



We will no longer offer pre-care and after care as we cannot intermingle campers and staff between groups. Our summer program will be from 9:00am-3:30pm Monday-Thursday and 9:00-2:30 (Friday) with staggered drop off and pick up times to ensure a safe and organized drop off and pick up. You must follow the designated times for your group. All children will be screened before being allowed into class. (See; screening procedures below)



 Drop off and pick up will be via ‘carpool line’ on our usual carpool lane. Parking and walk ins ARE NOT ALLOWED.  CGI staff are unable to take your child out of your car, or put them in to your car. You will need to step out, buckle/unbuckle them and help them in and out of the car. Please wear a mask during carpool times. During pick up and drop off, staff will always be wearing gloves and masks .



 At any point, if any immediate family members contract COVID-19, the child will be required to stay home until the immediate family member is quarantined for fourteen days, and free of Covid and the child does not exhibit any symptoms for fourteen days. CGI must be informed and we in turn must notify the ELC.   We ask that Grandparents or anyone with underlying medical conditions NOT be allowed to drop off or pick up your child as this is a risk to their health. You will need to wait while we screen your child. It will be done quickly yet efficiently. Please do your own screening at home before sending your child to camp. Be sure they don’t have fever, runny nose, cough, diarrhea etc, and do not medicate your child before sending to camp. We will take your child’s temperature and check for any signs of illness. If your child has a temperature of 99.5 or higher, that child will not be able to attend camp that day. We will ask you basic questions about your child’s and family’s health. We reserve the right to ask you to keep your child home if other siblings are exhibiting illnesses. Once deemed safe to join, we will give you the OK and your child will be escorted to class by one of our staff members. The children will wash their hands upon entering the class, monitored by a staff member.



Once all of our students are fully registered, and we have exact headcount for each group, we will post the drop off/pick up schedule. Please keep in mind that this is done to ensure quick drop offs and we will need you to stick to their time slot. If you do arrive in another time, you will be asked to wait on the side until all the designated cars in that time slot are completed.



 All persons except the following will be prohibited from accessing our building: operation staff, law enforcement officers, Child Care Licensing staff, and Department of Children and Families protective services staff; professionals providing services to children; children enrolled at the operation. Parents will not be allowed in the building. All permitted staff will be re-screened daily before entering the building.



Our class sizes will be adjusted to accommodate the new recommendation of groups of 10 or less. Children and childcare providers will not change from one group to another. Each class will remain in their respective classrooms and not change classes during the day. Outside play will be limited to only one class at a time in each area.



 Masks for children are not required, but are optional. During necessary close contact with children, such as diaper changing, dressing, bathroom/hand washing support, feeding and carpool, staff will need to wear both masks and gloves.


10. FOOD

We will be serving snacks and lunch at camp as we normally do. All food will be served and portioned on the plates for the children and will not be served family style to avoid contamination. We will not be allowing sippy cups at Preschool camp this summer. The children will use plastic cup throughout the day. The older division will be receiving reusable water bottles on a strap which they can wear on themselves daily.



In preschool division: We will have our usual designated water play days twice a week. We will be using water slides, sprinklers and the likes vs pools that collect water. The equipment will be hosed down and disinfected after each use. Each group will have a different designated day to avoid having to disinfect between groups during the day. 


For ages 6 and up: We will be taking the children to private pools to swim during the summer with a lifeguard on premises, as well as using water slides on campgrounds. The children will be doing water activities Monday through Thursday. So please make sure they bring bathing suits, towels and water shoes every day (except Friday) Each bunk will have their own time to swim or use the slide to avoid mixing groups.



Our camp team is working hard to give your children the most incredible camp experience considering the circumstances. It will not look like CGI of the past as many trips and shows will not be able to happen this summer due to social distancing requirements. We will however include activities such as arts and crafts, swim, sports, dance, dress up days, Lego robotics, on site game room, cooking, baking and more. We will be allowing very select field trips for ages 6 and up where social distancing can be adhered to such as – tubing on a speed boat, kayaking, biking etc. Camp wide special events will not happen this summer.



We will only be enrolling campers for a full 4-week session this summer. Weekly options will not be available as to not mix groups with more than 10 people. Payment for camp will need to be made in one full payment before the start of the summer to confirm your child’s enrollment in camp. (see separate Registration Forms for fees information)


If Gd forbid things change during the summer and we need to close the camp early, refunds will be given for remaining weeks at camp.

If your child misses days of camp due to illness, refunds will not be given for missed days.

If a group needs to close temporarily due to a case of covid, reimbursements will be given for the remaining weeks of camp  if the group needs to be closed for 3 or more days. 


If you are uncomfortable with sending your child to school with these precautions in place, please keep your child at home. These precautions are in place to provide every effort to keep every child and family safe; however, this does not provide any guarantee of any kind. As the parent of the child attending, you assume all risks associated with allowing your child to begin attending. That being said, we are doing everything we can in our power to keep every child safe during this time. Working together during this time is important.