Chabad of South Broward Live and Live Daily Zoom Classes.

Hayom Yom- Daily after every Shachris.

Daf Yomi/Daily page of Talmud- Sunday -8:15am; Monday-Friday - 6:30am; Motzoei Shabbos-9:45pm; Rabbi Shmuly Tennenhaus/Rabbi Eli Phillips

Rebbe’s Maamorim/Chassidic Discourses 8:00am- Rabbi Mendy Levy

Maamorim Rebbe Rashab Ateres 8:45am Mon-Fri - Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus

History and Bitachon
Monday-Friday- 9:20- 9:50am
Rabbi Eli Phillips

Rabbi Yossi Lebovics

Daily Rambam one chapter or three chapters - Daily Chumash with Rashi: On

Moshiach and Geulah- Daily 7pm-Rabbi Mendy Levy

Sefer HaMitzvos of the Rambam, Ein Yaakov, Halacha and Moshiach 8:15pm - Rabbi Mordy Feiner, Rabbi Moshe Schwartz, Rabbi Levi Tennenhaus with Jewish History Sunday - Daily after Mincha.

Tuesday night 8pm
Rabbi Mordy Feiner

Kollel- Thursday 8:30pm Rabbi Mordy Feiner

Weekly Farbrengen: Call or e-mail office. 954-458-1877
[email protected]

Zoom Classes
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