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With great excitement we are at the final stages of our two building Florida Jerusalem Campus construction, and we need your help to finish the project before the New Year.

In these dangerous and terrifying times we must make every effort to secure our precious children in our preschool, Hebrew School, Seminary, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Clubs, CTeen Program, and our program for physically challenged children and teenagers, the Friendship Circle.

Our Florida Jerusalem Campus, is an extremely highly exposed and bustling Jewish Center, as it is located on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, considered today the busiest street in the USA.

This final stage will fortify the exterior of the building and enclose the walkway with electronic doors. See below for a detailed list of this security upgrade project.

Please donate generously today & ask your parents, grandparents, family & friends to help as well. Together we will make a safer environment for our children.

    • Jersey walls (to secure against oncoming cars) --$10,000
    • New video surveillance --$6,000
    • New security doors for the old classrooms— $8,000
    • Tile the walkway— $12,500
    • Fence the back alley up to the end of the building— $4,500
    • Jerusalem Stone to finish the exterior of the building. --$26,000

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