Sunday Circle

Sunday Circle is a monthly event wherein the children, volunteers and staff of The Friendship Circle come together for a wide array of entertaining, recreational and enriching activities. As they drop their children off in capable hands, moms and dads watch with pride as their children gleefully race toward the surprises that await them inside, allowing the parents to then go off and enjoy some well-needed time for themselves.

Sunday Circle provides for one-on-one interaction with a teen friend while in the company of peers. Specialized art, music and dance therapy – with seasonal themes – raise the spirits and promote creativity, while Tae Kwon Do and sports – with all the gear and accoutrements – exercise gross motor skills and promote physical fitness. The program’s highlight is “circle-time” where everyone gets to know each other a little better in a spirit of joy, laughter and friendship. Sunday Circle is highly social. It’s lively. It’s fun.