Friendship Circle Parent Survey  

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  Home Visits


1. How often did you receive home visits? 

2. Is this sufficient for your expectations of the Friendship Circle? 
Yes No

Please explain if you wish:

3. Has the scheduling been convenient for your family? 
Yes No

Please explain if you wish:

4. How was the communication between you and your volunteers?

5. How was the communication between you and Friendship Circle staff?

6. Which medium of contact is best for program info?  Email  Phone  Postal Mail

7. Does your child enjoy his/her time with the volunteers?   Yes  No
8. Do the volunteers focus on the type of interaction you want or do you feel more training for volunteers would be appropriate?
Yes, the interaction is what we want
No, more training is needed
9. Have your Friendship Circle volunteers served as positive role models for your child?
Yes  No

Please explain if you wish:

Future Group Events


1. Are there other themes or types of programs you would like to see in the future?
Yes  No

If yes, do you have any suggestions?
2. Would  your family enjoy  Friendship Circle outings? Yes  No

Please explain if you wish:


Friendship Circle


1. How did you hear about Friendship Circle?
2. How long has your family been involved in the Friendship Circle?

3. What is the greatest benefit you and your family have received from participating in the Friendship Circle program?
4.  Do you feel your child has become more cooperative and flexible with others through his or her participation in the Friendship Circle?
Yes  No

Please explain if you wish: 


Jewish Community


1. We feel more accepted by the Jewish community because of our involvement in the Friendship Circle. 
True  False
2. We have or would consider participating in other Jewish communal programs as of a result of our experience with the Friendship Circle.
True  False


3. Are you disappointed with any particular aspect of the Jewish community?
Yes  No

If yes, please explain:
4. How would you suggest this be improved?