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Project Pride

is a national drug prevention program designed to reduce the early first use of drugs in school children. The curriculum, based on J. Davis Hawkins social development mode, emphasizes bonding to family, school, and peers as protection against the development of conduct problems such as drug use, academic failure, low desire to remain in school, and association with drug-using peers. The program promotes bonding to the school, community and family, and provides students with skills to resist anti-social influences and establish positive social relationships. It enhances opportunities, skills and rewards for children's positive involvement in both school and family,thereby increasing their bonds and commitment to the norm of not using drugs. The program enables every child to reach his/her full potential, and generates positive changes for children utilizing program exercises and interactive activities.

For over 20 years Project PRIDE has been conducting successful non-sectarian drug abuse prevention programs in Broward County.Focusing on young children,as well as senior citizens,it targets populations that are virtually overlooked in drug prevention efforts, making it a non-duplicative program. To this end, it has created unique and innovative methods, utilizing a practice, positive approach, with the message of self esteem and self worth as its core theme.

Currently Project P.R.I.D.E's Prescription drug abuse and misuse education program is available to youth & senior groups throughout Broward County. The mission of this program is to teach proper use and management of prescription drugs and to encourage proper self esteem in youth &  seniors who often lack feelings of self worth and value.

Supported by United Way of Broward County, City of Hollywood Police Department, Broward County Sheriff's Department, Human Service Department of Broward County, Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse, and many other community organizations and foundations, Project P.R.I.D.E. meets the ever-increasing needs of drug prevention of students in Broward County.

The Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey  recently found that in those communities where there is acceptance or tolerance of drug use, youth were more likely to engage in alcohol,tobacco and other drug use. This same study notes that the rate of drug and alcohol use students who frequently participate in school activities (18.3% versus 32.5%).

Students who make good grades are more than four times less likely to use drugs (14.3 drug use among students who make good grades " a lot" versus 62.6% drug use among students who "never" make good grades). Additionally, students who participate in drug prevention programs become more active in school and community activities.