Hallandale Hebrew Club Survey 2020 - 2021

Your input is crucial in helping us understand your preferences for the start of the 2020-2021 Hebrew School year and how we can best serve you. We appreciate your time in filling out this form!

Family Name 

Name & Grade of Child 1  

Name & Grade of Child 2 

Name & Grade of Child 3 

Email Address 

 Option 1: If the health department permits, I would send my child to Hebrew Club following the guidelines recommended at that time *

 Yes, I would send my child to Hebrew Club if classes were held outside

 Yes, I would send my child to Hebrew Club even if classes were held inside (with enforced social distancing)

 No, I would not be comfortable sending my child to "in person" sessions

Option 2: I would prefer to have at home/virtual Hebrew Club learning even if the health department permits in person Hebrew Club. (In order to make this option more engaging for the students, we would prepare “Hebrew Club to Go” packages for each student, which would include the necessary supplies and materials needed for that week’s lesson.) This online option would be taught via zoom by a live teacher (vs. a pre-recorded class.) *

 Yes, I am very interested in engaging, virtual Hebrew Club weekly sessions

 No, my child is "zoomed out" and will not want to join any virtual Hebrew Club classes

We are considering moving Aleph Champ to remote learning only. The one on one sessions worked very well for many of our students, and we may continue offering these private sessions regardless of how the rest of the Hebrew Club sessions pan out (either in person or online etc..) * 

Yes, I am very interested in one on one Aleph Champ sessions via zoom or phone

 No, I would prefer Aleph Champ to be in person with a Hebrew School teacher

 Do you have any other suggested options that would work for you?