Student Application

The application and interview process is all about making sure that you know and we know that the Chaya Aydel Seminary is a good fit for you. And, we want to make sure you can really maximize from our unique program.

  Application fee:

  • $75 (late application­ $100)
  • Applications after Pesach ­ $150

  There are 4 parts to the application:

  1. Student Application Form
  The Student Application may be done online or download and scan/ email. We much prefer that it is done online.

There are 2 sections:

1. Student Application Form  - Online Application 

2. Student questionnaire form - Questionnaire form 

This should be completed by the student herself. We encourage the student to be forthcoming and honest, there are no ‘better’ answers that will ‘look better’ to the admissions team than others.
  2. Mechaneches Form

 This should be completed by the mechaneches. Please encourage the mechaneches to submit as early as possible. 
  3. Medical Form

This form should be completed by your doctor. And then emailed to us.

  4. Reference Letters

  • 2 reference letters ­ 1 from someone in school, the other from another adult who knows her (from extra curricular activities, past summer, etc.)
  • ­ Ask the references to email the letters from their email addresses
  • ­ [subject line:[student name]: Reference letter from [Reference Person]  

The interview

Once all forms are received, we will send you a confirmation email and set up a time for an interview.